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Project Management Services

As the owner of a valuable property, it is only reasonable for you to expect that the construction of your home or commercial space is done exactly as per your requirements. One way to ensure that your inputs are included in every stage of the work is to be deeply in the construction activity. At UKASA Construction, we can give you the support and assistance you need if this is what you prefer. By signing up for our project management services, you have the backing of our experts, our experience, our relationships with industry leaders and way more, while you also continue to be closely involved in the actual construction.

Greater flexibility and scope

With project management being done by us, you, our client, have greater scope to choose materials and sub-contractors as per your needs and preferences. You have the flexibility to choose hand- picked individuals or companies for various aspects of the design, landscaping, construction and interiors, thus creating the space that matches your preferences exactly. In such cases, we supply the core management, staff and infrastructure to run the construction site on a monthly basis. You have the responsibility for payments to sub-contractors, suppliers, etc.

Leave the minutiae to us

Our project management services allow you to leave all the minute details that need attention every single day of the project and focus all your attention on the bigger picture. You do not need to be distracted by the minor issues or worry about the project progressing as per schedule because we are handling all of this for you. Our exposure in this market since the year 2000 has given us a clear insight into the procedures, the rules, compliance requirements, challenges and problems that can disrupt work. Supported by our able staff we are able to pro-actively deal with these so that the work is done in time.

As your project managers, we offer comprehensive supervision of the entire project right from start to finish. We also inspect the work site on a regular basis, evaluate quality so that it matches our high standards. This is not limited to big projects alone – we are happy to provide all these services for any project no matter what the magnitude. Our experience also helps us pinpoint and address risk areas, eliminate technical and construction errors, maintain costs under strict control and adhere to deadlines without compromise.

UKASA Construction is the ally you need

We have established a reputation as a reliable, affordable medium-sized building contractor (up to ZAR15 million per contract) for bespoke, high-end residential and commercial projects in and around the Cape Town metropolis. With skilled, talented and passionate team members, a commitment to giving each client the very best and a vision to take our business to the next level through sheer hard work, we are the best allies you can choose when you need project management services for your home or business construction project.

Talk to our team today, discuss your ideas and we will tell you exactly how we can help you transform your dreams into reality within the most reasonable time-frames.

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