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Engen Petrol Station, Mauritius
Engen Petrol Station, Mauritius

When it comes to commercial construction, the key is to give clients a space that is perfect for business operations yet capable of nurturing healthy relationships within the workspace. Elegance, style, aesthetics combined with practicality, functionality, comfort and convenience create commercial spaces that are a real asset to the business. At UKASA, it is our mission to create these spaces, so that your commercial property becomes a true asset for your business.

Optimum utilization of space

Commercial space does not come cheap and if your business is located in a prime area, you are sure to have invested a substantial amount of capital in it. At UKASA, we know that the best way to give you maximum worth for your investment is to utilize every inch of this space in the best possible way with an efficient design and plan that caters to your every need. At the same time, the design must also be aesthetically stunning and elegant, while also staying true to your corporate persona. All of this can be incorporated into the design only if we work closely with your Architect from inception and throughout the project.

Our team of experts kick-starts the project with a detailed discussion with you to understand exactly what you expect. The rest of the project is devoted to exploring how we can exceed these expectations with every aspect of the design.

Quality first

Your commercial building is the key tool that helps you achieve your strategic business goals and our design factors in the functionalities and features that enable it to become a valuable asset. No matter how innovative the design and the aspects used to make it a reality, there is one thing we are rather conventional about. This one thing, quality, is where we make no compromises at all, even if it limits the design to some extent. When it comes to quality, we will not accept anything but the best because we know that this makes a long term difference to you.

This focus on quality extends not just to the materials used, but also in the choice of workers, the work environment and safety features we provide to our team, the evaluations and testing done at each level. This enables us to ensure that deadlines are met without fail, with no delays or disruptions to the project at any time, anywhere. It also means we have some flexibility to tweak designs right at the project site, a factor that our clients love to take advantage of. 

Our commercial projects

Our base of operations is in Cape Town metropolis but we have handled projects in surroundings areas as well. Some of our best known projects are:

  • Multi-use office block, Westlake Business Park
  • 84 multi-story apartments, Parklands
  • PaKua Gallery, Newlands
  • Petrol station including pump and tank installations, Mauritius
  • Wet works to several shopping malls and office blocks
  • commercial-contracting-westlake

We invite you to talk to us today about your dream commercial space. We have the experts, the skills, the passion and the commitment to make it a reality.

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