Bespoke Residential & Commercial Builders in Cape Town, South Africa



Your first building experience? Here is what you need to know

If you have never had your home or office built before, getting started with such a project can be quite intimidating.  This is especially true when you want to have a say in every aspect of the construction starting from design.  In such cases, the best option is for you to sign up with a bespoke commercial construction company or residential construction firm like UKASA Construction that prioritizes client satisfaction. Remember that the construction project team will consist of many different professionals such as Architect, Engineer, Surveyor and Building Contractor.  We, the building contractors, coordinate activities with all the others as well as manage all other activities such as demolition, raising foundation, earthworks etc. on your behalf.

This is how the construction project will unfold with an experienced bespoke construction company handling the affair.

The Design

Typically, you discuss your design ideas with an architect and based on your suggestion, he comes up with the final design for your home or office. This is the first step in the process and also the first relationship you establish with the construction team.  Your architect may suggest reputable engineers, quantity surveyors and others to you.  At UKASA Construction, we can handle this aspect through a skilled, reputable architect that we have an established relationship with.


This is a crucial step and also a legal requirement because this is where you ensure that your design has structural integrity that translates into a long life span for your building.  UKASA Construction’s team has the expertise and experience to give you accurate, objective inputs that marry design aesthetics with engineering resilience without compromising either.

Quantity Surveying

While you do want the best quality construction in Cape Town, you also want to ensure that every cent you spend is delivering value. This is the Quantity Surveyor’s domain. Often, the QS participates in the builder selection stage of the process where he enables comparison by means of getting quotes for the Bill of Quantities from various builders. The surveyor continues to add value to the project throughout its lifecycle by making sure that expenses are being accounted for and are within the overall budget.

Importance of various professionals

As this is your first time building, you may be unaware of the significance of the various professionals involved and it may be difficult for you to understand that views of one may occasionally conflict with those of another.  However, the end product must reflect your tastes as well as adhere to mandatory requirements while also ensuring you sound engineering. UKASA Construction coordinates the activities of all the professionals involved to deliver this end-result.

Another aspect that requires special attention is the cost.  The building process is creative but when innovations are brought in after the design is finalised, they can escalate the costs considerably either because some plans have to be reworked or because the construction timeline is extended.  As a client, you may be unaware of the implications of such changes but we undertake to inform you when this is a risk and allow you to make an informed decision so that you get quality construction that aligns with your desires and financial limitations.